Sunrise Smoothies

When I first read this recipe (from Back to Basics) and saw that it included watermelon, I thought it was kind of strange.  Who would do anything but eat delicious watermelon straight up?  That was before I started getting a watermelon every week from our Community Supported Agriculture box (take that, The Kitchen Osler), and realized that I’m the only person in my family who actually eats watermelon.  I made these for some hungry kids as a pre-back-to-school treat, along with some bacon and pancakes with strawberry syrup.  It got rave reviews, and their mom even took the leftovers home in a to-go cup.


I don’t know how the blender didn’t make the favorite things list.  My husband bought it when he was a bachelor because he liked the look of it.  (That right there will tell you how he made decisions in his single days.)  Thankfully, much like another important decision he made back then, it is really powerful and functional.  This thing could power a Chevy Suburban if given the chance, I’m sure of it.


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