This is my 300th post!  In almost three years, I have completed 318 (out of 598) recipes, which puts me just over the halfway mark.  That’s an average of about two new recipes per week, which actually doesn’t sound like much until you factor in the months-long breaks, the two kids, the part-time job, the volunteer responsibilities, etc.  In that time, we have burned out a dishwasher and a couple of coffee makers.  I didn’t keep track of the butter count, and that’s probably a good thing.

I am behind on appetizers, which makes me think that maybe I need to throw a cocktail party this fall.  Still, I feel ready to tackle the next 300 posts, and the inevitable 300 that follow it.

This is what happens when you do a google image search for “300 cake.” Do I even want to know?!

Bring it on, Ina!


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