Truffled Filet of Beef Sandwiches

This is what I call leftovers.


I used the beef from the balsamic roast beef, and the recipe from Back to Basics.  My husband said, “Is this arugula?  Because this is how I like arugula.”  Not so different from a previous roast beef sandwich recipe, but the truffle butter really is a nice touch.



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3 responses to “Truffled Filet of Beef Sandwiches

  1. Not that I could find it here in Oregon but we do have WHole foods and Trader joes.. Where did you find Truffle Butter?

    • I bought it at Whole Foods. I have also seen it at our local grocery store (Byerly’s), and even at Costco this week! I should have picked some up at Costco so I could make the roast turkey with truffle butter. We have used it on pasta dishes and even popcorn for this project. 🙂

  2. Another great, locally sourced option is Walleye butter, which is usually available at Lunds. Of course, you can easily make your own! We do so at least once a week– the kids adore a big dollop of walleye butter on just about anything.

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