Lobster Rolls

The original recipe (from Barefoot Contessa Parties!), of course, calls for real lobster, but if you don’t happen to live in a place where lobster is cheap and plentiful, we have found langoustines to be a nice, less expensive substitute, especially in something like this where it’s going to get dressed with mayo and slapped on a hot dog bun anyway.  I’ve never had a real lobster roll for comparison (deprived), but I do love lobster.  On the last night of our honeymoon at the Grove Park Inn, I ordered a lobster salad, lobster soup, and lobster for the main course.  My sweet husband tried to talk me out of the main course lobster, thinking that it would be a mess to remove the shell, and we were all dressed up.  I didn’t care.  I wanted the lobster, fancy dress be damned!  Well, it arrived … with no shell!  Heaven on earth.  Now, these lobster rolls were not quite that fancy, but the langoustines also didn’t need to be shelled, and it still felt kind of fancy for a quick dinner.  Well, as fancy as anything in a hot dog bun can taste.

Completed: 329

Remaining:  269


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