Caramel Pecan Sundaes

So, say you’ve had a really bad day.  No, a monumentally bad couple of days.  Now, I don’t recommend medicating a bad day with food.  Talk to a friend, take a walk, you know, the usual.  But if you’ve done all those things, or maybe you just thought about doing some of those things, and you just need a treat, then this is what you do.  You make the caramel sauce for this recipe (or use some left over from the figs you made the day before), and you add it to some really good vanilla ice cream.  The recipe (from Barefoot Contessa at Home) says butter pecan and vanilla, but you haven’t been to the store in a couple of days, and you aren’t in any condition to be mixing your ice cream flavors.  You can use cashews instead of pecans if you were born north of the Mason-Dixon line and pecans taste like tornado debris to you.  This sundae won’t solve your problems, but it might help you forget about them for 10 minutes, and sometimes that’s all you need.

Completed:  332

Remaining:  266


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  1. Don’t be a cheapskate! If you really care about yourself and your family, get genuine tornado debris ($35/lb., Whole Foods). It’s a little more expensive than pecans, but well worth it! If you have children, it’s a good idea to check for nails and such before using in a recipe.

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