Chicken Noodle Soup

Everyone has their own idea of what makes chicken noodle soup “classic,” don’t they?  For me, it always has to have carrots and celery, and a little saffron for flavor and color.  This time, I added green beans and some sauteed shallots.  I almost always add too many noodles, but I don’t get any complaints about that.  I cheated on the Ina recipe (from Family Style) and used a whole chicken instead of just chicken breasts.  I made this because there was a little nip in the air this week, and I might take some over to the new neighbors who look like they may have a baby any second, if the walking up and down the sidewalk and taking big breaths was any indication.


Completed:  335

Remaining:  263


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  1. You cannot miss with this one.. Even better if you make your own noodles…

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