Plum Tart

This dessert was easy and beautiful, and good!  I mixed the crust in the food processor right after chopping up the walnuts in it, so that made it really easy.  My only complaint is that I worked so diligently to arrange the quartered plums in concentric circles, “like a flower,” according to the recipe (in Barefoot Contessa Parties!), and my hard work was covered up by the crumb mixture.  I really should have taken a photo before that final step.  I did end up using more of the crumb mixture for the crust than was indicated in the recipe, and I still had more than enough to cover the plums, so don’t worry if you have to use some extra crumbs to make a decent crust.

Now, I bought these Italian plums at Costco, and they were labeled “prunes.”  I find this kind of funny, because a while back, the prune council (or whoever it is that is in charge of marketing prunes) decided to call them “dried plums” to spruce up their image.  They even had to get special permission from the FDA to label them as such.   (Imagine the hassle of changing all that paperwork from “The California Prune Board” to “The California Dried Plum Board.” Now they’re calling plums “fresh prunes.”  It’s a confusing world.

Completed:  337

Remaining:  261


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  1. I made this one once and it did not look as good as yours. It tasted okay but I wish I had taken the skins of the plums off…

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