Banana Crunch Muffins

How did I wait this long to make this recipe, a classic from The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook?  It uses staples that are usually around the house, and I make banana bread or muffins a couple of times a month when the bananas start to go brown.  Well, I waited because of the coconut.  Why would I add grit to an otherwise delectable breakfast treat?  So, I finally made them and omitted the offensive ingredient.  I can’t say that the granola added anything noteworthy to the muffins, but that didn’t stop us from gobbling them up.  I made 24 medium-sized muffins instead of 18 large ones.  Bonus:  eating these, fresh out of the oven, got my wiggly, wild toddler to sit still in my lap for 10 whole minutes while we ate some of the still-warm muffins together.  Gold, I tell you!  Pure gold!

Completed: 342

Remaining: 256



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3 responses to “Banana Crunch Muffins

  1. Hey Curessa: Remember how you wanted guest bloggers to make something of Ina’s? Well Tonight I went to the store and saw that they mark down those rotisserie chickens by HALF at Fred Meyer starting at like 8 PM.. I had an idea: I bought two of them plus some onions carrots celery and parsley and garlic and I took the white meat off of them etc and made STOCK a la Ina!
    I am cooking it on LOOOOOW over night I took pics and I will give them to you along with a little descriptions if you want when it is all done. I took half the carrots the weird parts of the celery parsley and onions etc Plus the carcasses skin, etc and ALLLL the dark meat of the two chickens. I put them in my 9 qt Le Creuset and they will cook tonight. My husband will not eat dark meat so I have just stopped putting it in food. His father will not eat white meat. SUCH an ODD family ANYWAY. So I took off all the white meat, and cut it up along with some of the carrots parsley 1.5 white onions and celery. THey are all ready to go into chicken soup tomorrow. I might attempt ( once again ) to make my own noodles tomorrow. I have done it in the past but its a lot of messy work. My husband makes guitars he is a luthier by profession but he also is a blues musician He has a gig tomorrow so I am alone wiht My son Spencer… He is 8 and I am not sure I want to deal wiht alllll of that flour when I have a box of pasta in the cupboard… But… Anyway… Should be some interesting soup. I will take pics etc THe STOCK is an ina recipe The soup… I dont know But … ANyway…. So just tell me where I shoudl send the evidence of this culinary masterpiece when it is complete if you want it. My email is I was so inspired by Christine’s Coconut Cake but I am not much of a baker I LOVE LOVE LOVE making soup.

  2. P.S.
    I wonder if you know about this woman who started this sort of “ALL THINGS INA” type website where she sells a LOT of the stuff on Ina’s show. Like that Pepper mill thing and some of the weird pans.. and her ” Chinese Takeout Containers” Most of her stuff is overpriced But I did buy some of those plastic containers with lids that she uses to store stock in? you know? because I could not find them other places and I know hers are freezer and Microwave OKAY. I found them at restaurant supply places too, cheaper but I could not see for sure if they were FREEZER MICRO and I KNOW this lady has ones that ARE.
    ANYWAY I can try and find a link but the reason I thought of you and her is that she sends me emails since I bought something ONE TIME from her and today it said that you can get Autographed copies of Ina’s NEW cook book that is not in the stores yet. NO IDEA how she pulled that off Maybe she lives IN The HAMPTONS. Or FRANCE.. Or Some place.. hahaha who knows. But anyway I thought you might be int. so here is the link.

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