Pumpkin Buttermilk Waffles

Great heavenly days, these were good.  Before you start tearing through the index of each of your Barefoot Contessa cookbooks, you won’t find them there.  The recipe is from the smitten kitchen, which is where I got the zucchini bread recipe in this post, and which might be my favorite cooking blog.

Here is the pumpkin waffles post.   Mercy, they were good.  The whole family gobbled them up.  I made a double batch to use up an entire can of pumpkin puree, so I can toast some for the kids throughout the week.  With the fiber and vitamin A in the pumpkin, the calcium in the buttermilk, and the protein in all those (8!!) eggs, I’m not opposed to serving them up for dinner.  We had them for breakfast this morning, though.  We love going out for breakfast/brunch, but it’s just not practical on most weekends with two young kids, long lines, different waking-up times, and all that.  Besides, it’s expensive to eat out.  We know that we’ll get back to a leisurely Saturday morning brunch someday, even if it’s when the kids are grown up and moved out, but for now, this was just the ticket.

About waffle irons – I’m no equipment expert, but I think what you want is something sturdy.  It doesn’t have to be the most expensive industrial model from Belgium, but something sturdy is better than the $12 one you’ll find next to the light bulbs at the grocery store.  Mine is a Cuisinart that is probably around 15 years old, and still going strong.  My parents gave it to me when they sold their lake house and had to do something with all of the duplicate kitchen equipment they had hauled there.  I was still in law school and welcomed the matching set of flatware, the waffle iron, and some really good pots and pans.  Ironically enough, I got a surplus of canned pumpkin puree in a similar fashion.  My parents recently moved, and they cleaned out their pantry by bringing me their extra pumpkin.  It’s the great pumpkin surplus, Charlie Brown!




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4 responses to “Pumpkin Buttermilk Waffles

  1. I love smitten kitchen.
    We might be or are givng up TV.

  2. I love pumpkin. I love waffles. I love overly complex, even weird, kitchen equipment of uncertain provenance. These sound great!

    At the Osler House, we use a waffle iron abandoned by the former owners of the house, as it was too large to move and also wired into the electrical system directly rather than relying on a “plug” style connection. It is, yes, from Belgium (or so I assume, since the maker is one “Verhofstadt”) and makes a very loud moaning noise when in operation. It also draws quite a bit of current, judging by the electric bills in months with a lot of waffling.

    The pumpkin is a great and nutritious addition to the buttermilk, and I like to up the ante with flax, watercress, hemp, and some cotton batting ($12/lb., Whole Foods).

  3. The Kitchen Osler, those additions sound like something that would come directly out of my parents’ kitchen. Their new cookbook, coming out next year, has a working title of, “Living a Longer Life, or At Least It Feels That Way When You Eat Like This.”

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