Cranberry Apple Cake

I can’t see cranberry-apple anything without thinking about “Crapola” granola – sold at our local co-op.  “It makes even weird people regular,” so boasts their website.  I really want one of their t-shirts.

I bought fresh cranberries for this recipe (from How Easy is That), and once I brought them home, I realized that the name on them looked familiar.  They were from Habelman Bros. Company, a cranberry grower in my hometown of Tomah, Wisconsin.  Tomah is known as the “gateway to cranberry country” which sounds a lot better than its alternative nickname, “Armpit of the Interstate,” due to its location at the intersection of two interstate highways.  Anyway, they grow a lot of cranberries there.  So many, in fact, that I can recite from memory the health benefits of consuming cranberries, after seeing so many growers’ kids come to school with cranberry-themed science projects, theme speeches, and probably even a sewing project or two.  I don’t know if those kids were funded by some kind of marketing council or what, but they were very effective.  There’s even a cranberry festival, complete with cranberry royalty.  No joke.

If there’s one thing that I learned from growing up in cranberry country, it is that they are tart to the point of inedibility.  So, don’t skimp on the sugar in this recipe, and go ahead and serve it with some vanilla ice cream.  I needed to cook this for longer than the suggested cooking time, but I think my oven runs a little cold.

Completed:  348

Remaining:  250


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