Orange Chocolate Chunk Cake

I made this (from Parties!) at least once before I started this blog project, and I ate it again at a friends’ house (the same friends who hosted the Barefoot Contessa party).  But sometimes, you just need a make-up cake to make up for a failed cake earlier in the week.


This is pre-ganache.  As you can tell, I steered clear of the Bundt pan, nervous to bake in anything other than a 9×13 pan after the aforementioned cake disaster.  We tried a few pieces without the ganache, and it was plenty sweet and chocolate-y without any frosting.   Have I discussed the fact that we live just a few miles from the Nordic Ware factory, where Bundt pans were invented?  Touring the factory, or at least visiting the factory store, is on my to-do list.  I’ve mentioned before that I peruse the local want ads occasionally, hoping to see a position open for a taste-tester or even a test-baker, but apparently they only have a need for people with experience in metal-working.  Go figure.  Also, I can’t say the word “bundt” without thinking about this scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  It’s a cake!

Completed/Remaining:  363/235




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2 responses to “Orange Chocolate Chunk Cake

  1. Anne

    No ganache???? But it is so good!!! And Micah is really good at making it!

  2. I know! But we needed cake and there were no ganache ingredients in the house. What can I say? I’ve made it both ways, and it wasn’t terrible without it. What is it about that orange/chocolate combo? Yum!

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