Israeli Couscous and Tuna Salad

This is a quintessential Ina pasta salad:  lemon juice, lemon zest, vegetables, some kind of protein, all mixed up and set aside for the flavors to set for a few hours.  And hey, why not go with a formula that works?  I’d never made anything with Israeli couscous before, which is also sold as pearl couscous.  I liked it, but would also consider substituting quinoa or bulgur for a more nutritious substitute.  My friends and family won’t be surprised that I omitted the capers and olives, and I could have thrown in some feta to make up for the lack of saltiness/brineyness that those ingredients would have offered.  Cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and/or fresh herbs would have been good additions, too.  This is one of the few recipes from Foolproof that was pre-published as part of a Washington Post review.  Man, I miss getting home delivery of the Washington Post.

This was a great side for a soup and salad night, or a good make-ahead recipe for weekday lunches.

Completed/Remaining:  382/304


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