Chocolate Chunk Blondies

More bars!  Added to the raspberry crumble bars and the lemon bars, this recipe (from Foolproof) gives you enough bar recipes to lay out a respectable Midwestern funeral reception.  Lucky you!  Add some pecan squares, and you’ve gained admittance to a Southern Baptist wedding.  Congrats.  Make sure you have a tall glass of milk or at least some coffee on hand to wash them down – they are that rich, gooey kind of chocolate dessert that demands it.

I’m not sure that these are any different from the several dozen recipes gracing the well-worn pages of the spiral-bound Lutheran cookbooks jammed on my shelf.  Foolproof does give the distinguishing instruction to under-bake them a little, which keeps them from drying out.  They remind me a bit of these pumpkin chocolate chip bars, a Martha Stewart recipe that’s been standard fall fare here for years.

I’m tallying up these bar recipes, and instead of dreaming up a catering business or a preschool bake sale, I’m fast forwarding in my mind about 12 years, when I have two teenagers in the house.  Teenage boys are a mystery to me, but I know that most of them love food, and lots of it.  My plan is to bake (and bake and bake and bake), and hope for my hungry teenagers and their friends to gather in the kitchen.  I’ll slip into the next room and listen.

Completed/Remaining:  388/298


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