Cinnamon Baked Doughnuts

This might be the first time that I’ve bought new equipment for this project.  I bought a doughnut pan (made by Wilton, purchased at Sur La Table, about $8) for this recipe from Foolproof.  I’d say it was worth it, if for no other reason than I now have the undying devotion of my toddler.  (OK, he already follows me around so much that I think he’d like to crawl up my nose and stay there if he could, but I’m getting a little competition from his daddy these days, so I might have to lure him back with baking.)  Besides, I’m pretty sure we could spend $8 on a dozen doughnuts from a bakery.  We’re at a weird stage in our family right now where our preschooler sleeps in if we let him (and oh, do we let him), and our toddler is up at the crack of dawn.  By the time the big kid gets up and ready, the little guy is ready for a nap.  Morning outings are … challenging.  So, this recipe lets us have a special weekend treat without wrangling all of that.


You might be able to tell that I overfilled the pan, which meant that the hole in the middle of some of the doughnuts got filled in.  It really didn’t affect the flavor or texture all that much, but if the aesthetics bothered you, you could gently remove the extra dough in the middle.

Completed/Remaining:  389/297


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