Chicken & Wild Mushrooms, Crispy Roasted Kale

Both of these recipes came from Foolproof, and both are definitely making it into our regular meal rotation.  The chicken and mushrooms recipe is a lot like chicken marsala, but it uses sherry and white wine instead of marsala, and it’s finished in the oven.  Instead of cutting up a whole chicken, I used boneless skinless chicken thighs and reduced the cooking time.  I feel like chicken thighs are one of the great secrets of cooking on a budget.  They’re inexpensive, and they’re thinner than chicken breasts, so they don’t need to be pounded thin for a quick cooking time.  They contain more fat, but we also tend to eat a smaller portion than when I use a larger cut of chicken.

The chicken definitely requires a starch with low ego needs to sop up the juices.  It can’t be anything fancy like potato basil puree that would compete with the rich flavors of the wine and garlic in the sauce.  I chose plain orzo this time, but it could have easily been mashed potatoes or steamed brown rice (I’m partial to the frozen kind that can be microwaved in 3 minutes).  If I made this for guests, I would probably serve it “family style,” on a large platter with the chicken and sauce on a bed of the rice or pasta.

On the side, we had crispy roasted kale.  I’ve made this before, after hearing it mentioned in CSA circles for the last couple of years.  Until now, I’d made it as more of a snack – something salty to replace chips or pretzels.  We really enjoyed it as a side dish, and it was easy to make alongside the chicken in the oven.  I bought a huge bag of organic baby kale at Costco, so I have the feeling we’ll be making this again (and again and again) over the next week or so.

Completed/Remaining:  391/295


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