California Pizzas

After a lot of pizza experimentation earlier this year, I’ve discovered the two secrets to great homemade pizza.  The first is cranking up the heat on the oven.  When the recipe (this one, from Parties) says to heat it up to 500 degrees, you’d better do it.  Second, my secret weapon is a patient dough-stretcher with strong hands.  In my house, this is not me.  My husband takes great pride in his patient dough-stretching skills.  In all fairness to my wimpy and impatient hands, I probably should have taken the dough out of the refrigerator earlier than I did, which would have made it a little more malleable.  Regardless, the dough was thicker and doughier than I would have liked, but still better than if I hadn’t preheated the oven to 500 degrees.

The plainer pizza was for the kids.  The other one has prosciutto, olive oil, and some wilted baby kale.  Kale was not on the list of Ina-suggested ingredients, but what could be more California than kale?

Completed/Remaining:  392/294



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