Thanksgiving Traditions!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

You’ll see reviews from Thanksgiving recipes here later in the week (from Foolproof mostly – Accidental Turkey, brussels sprouts, pumpkin pie), but today we’re just enjoying the day here.  We have some fun traditions in our family – there is always an extra pumpkin pie for my husband, who drowns it in whipped cream and enjoys it for breakfast.  We also love to listen to Lynne Rosetto Kaspar‘s Turkey Confidential on NPR.  One year, we listened to it on our way to my parents’ house, which was about a 90-minute drive.  We had the dogs (no kids yet) packed up in the back seat, and the radio show brought up the subject of mischievous pets getting into the Thanksgiving feast before the human guests had a chance to taste it.  Our little dog, Georgia, perked up, put her front paws on the console between us, and looked very interested in the conversation.  Every time we hear Ms. Rosetto Kaspar’s voice, we think of that Thanksgiving.

In Foolproof, Ina has a list of ten Thanksgiving tips.  My favorite is the tenth:  “Finally, if you ever have the urge to make Turducken (a boned chicken rolled inside a boned duck, inside a boned turkey), lie down until the urge passes!”  Here’s a Thanksgiving interview with the Contessa herself, including her take on traditions and her mother’s insistence on order in the kitchen.

Finally, I’d like to express my thanks for all of you reading my little blog.  It’s been a great project for me to try new things and expand our repertoire.  Thanks for reading!

Good luck with those turkeys, everyone!  Happy Thanksgiving!


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