Viennese Iced Coffee

The setting: a cold, grey, snowy day in March at home, the week that the Daylight Saving Time “spring forward” time change coincided with a preschool field trip and a head cold for the toddler.

The characters: two overtired, overworked, overwhelmed parents, one of whom was heading into 5 piano lessons, the other about to wrangle the overtired children for a pre-dinner shift.

The craving: something caffeinated, something sweet, something that did not require leaving the house.

The solution: Viennese Iced Coffee (from “Foolproof”)



Ordinarily, we’re not much into iced coffee or frappu-whatchacallits with extra whip. I enjoy the occasional holiday specialty drink from a coffee shop – I am a red-blooded American woman in my mid-30s, after all. I think it’s a requirement. But I’m not sure I would’ve tried this recipe if it weren’t for this project. Now, though, we might have a new addiction.  (Word to the wise: if you don’t have espresso, just sub a cup of hot coffee for the espresso + hot water).

Completed/Remaining: 408/278


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