Rack of Lamb, Celery Root Remoulade, and Spinach with Feta

This is not the first time I’ve tried to make the Rack of Lamb recipe (from Parties!). I once undercooked it, hoping that it would be rare to medium-rare, and it came out practically raw. Because the recipe calls for some resting time, I was afraid to put it back into the oven for fear that the bacteria had already multiplied. I have a strong fear of poisoning my family.  So, this time, it was a little overdone, but the seasonings of mustard, balsamic vinegar, and garlic made up for it, and it wasn’t dried out or anything.

The celery root remoulade (from Barefoot in Paris) was way too rich or salty or something. It was good in small doses, but I wouldn’t have wanted more than a few bites. It’s possible that I oversalted it, but I’m sure I didn’t use more than was listed in the recipe.


If the plate looks like it lacks color, well, it wasn’t planned that way. I had planned to serve these with spinach with pine nuts and feta (from Foolproof). Unfortunately, I didn’t notice that the feta was moldy until I had dumped some of it on top of the spinach. Sad.



The cheese had a sell-by date a few weeks away, so I returned it for a refund. It was a real bummer because the spinach smelled so good cooking with the onions.

Completed/remaining:  419/267


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