Granola and Granola Bars

I’m a little crunchy. A little granola. Not a lot. I didn’t cloth diaper my kids, but we support a CSA and try to walk instead of drive when we can.  We use cloth napkins instead of paper, but we don’t raise chickens in the backyard (yet). So, I surprise even myself when I admit that we haven’t made our own granola yet. It would be such a cliche for me to make it, but in reality, my kids aren’t going to eat it and my husband skips breakfast more often than not, so I guess that’s why I waited this long.

Until… last week, we went to one of our local public libraries. (See? Hippie. But we drove there.) My 5-year-old, emerging reader, rising Kindergartner, and Type-A rule-follower, found a kids’ cookbook. He is into anything where instructions must be followed lately – science experiments, crafts, and now, cooking. He found this adorable little book, and we checked it out to bring it home. So far, we’ve made french toast, hummus, granola, and granola bars (of which, he’s really only eaten the french toast). The granola and granola bars recipes are not so different from the ones in The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook and Back to Basics, respectively, so I used Ina’s recipes and let my helper think that we were strictly following the ones in “his” book.  I omitted the coconut and substituted honey for the corn syrup, but otherwise stayed true to the recipes. They were both surprisingly good.




Completed/Remaining: 433/253


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