Chocolate Orange Mousse

I’m glad we figured out the dishwasher fiasco before I made this recipe from Barefoot in Paris, because it dirties a shocking number of dishes. But it is so, so worth it.



It’s light and fluffy, but also rich and decadent. Despite all the dishes, it’s really easy and doesn’t require any exotic ingredients. The orange flavor is a great addition for this time of year, when oranges are in season and you might want a touch of citrus to balance out the chocolatey richness of the mousse.

Completed/Remaining: 443/243


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One response to “Chocolate Orange Mousse

  1. Sonya

    Just wanted to vouch that this is a very delicious mousse, well worth the dishes! It is SO nice to have a dishwasher, though; I cooked for years without one and wow is it faster to have one! But back to this great recipe…I’ve made it twice now, and the second time I made it side-by-side with another chocolate-orange mousse recipe from a very reputable cookbook, but this one was the clear winner! It is very creamy and orange-y. My husband LOVED it. I found it in my Barefoot in Paris cookbook. Highly recommended! You can use pasteurized eggs as well, if you’d like.

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