Chunky Blue Cheese & Yogurt Dip

The mere title of this recipe (from How Easy is That?) is enough to make my palms sweat and my jaw clench up. I have not yet acquired a taste for blue cheese. I bought three huge wedges of Danish blue cheese from Costco for the crepe party (surprise! I talked about the crepe party again!), and we only used about a half of one wedge. Maybe because it has veins?

I paid close attention at the party to the people who might be amenable to eating more blue cheese, and I made this yogurt dip for them this week.


The jury is still out on how it tastes, but I can report that it was really easy to make, and other than the cheese and maybe the chives, this is something that a lot of people could throw together with what’s already in the pantry and fridge. It might not show in the photo, but it’s also blue enough to tip off a blue-cheese-a-phobe like me that I might not want to dig right in.

Edited to add: the taste review is in! I almost didn’t publish this part in its entirety, because our friend Susan (also of crepe party fame) is so hilarious and entertaining that I’m almost afraid of being eclipsed by her wit. But, fear not. I have more self-confidence than that, so here it is!

Ok, just did a first try on the blue cheese dip.

Here’s the honest truth: Visually, it’s terrifying. It’s like cement, or puree of pupa-stage smurfs. Well done putting the chives on top or else the effect might have been deadly. 
Once I tried it, though: It’s deliciously blue cheesy! Tastes like more. Complimented the sweet-potato-chips just right. I love it! (Definitely intense — Would want to know what to pair it with, as no one in their right mind needs that much blue cheese dip. ) Not as much as I love artichoke dip, or any other cream-cheese-based dip. Perhaps if someone thought it was too blue-cheesy, they could cut it with cream cheese. 
You might not know but cream cheese is a major food group. Next to sour cream on the chart.
Do you see what I mean? It’s almost not fair that she’s that funny, smart, and adorable. But she’s so good that I might just make her some more blue cheese items to review. Thanks, Susan!

Completed/Remaining: 457/229



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