Easy Tzatziki with Feta

Going with our theme of using what we’ve got, I made this recipe from Foolproof. I had plain Greek yogurt from the blue cheese dip, and feta from the spinach pie last week. We got another 6 or so inches of snow last night, and I didn’t even know that was going to happen, because we’re already to the point in the winter where I hear the weather radio alarm go off on my phone and I just ignore it. We hadn’t planned on the snow, and so I didn’t make time to shovel or snow-blow. So, there was no running to the store today for fresh pita and olives.


So, we had it with Breton crackers. And I’ll be darned if this didn’t taste like a little plate of Mediterranean goodness in the middle of our bleak winter. This isn’t really different from the original tzatziki recipe, but now that Greek yogurt is available just about everywhere, it’s a nice shortcut to thick, tangy yogurt. I’m trying to eat more yogurt for the probiotics, but most sweetened versions are just too tangy for me. For some reason, adding some cucumber and garlic makes it much more to my liking. I can’t wait to try this with fresher summer cucumbers, and some grilled lamb. Even without pita, I would dip sliced cucumbers in it, or throw the whole mess on some green lettuce with some grilled chicken.

Completed/Remaining: 458/228


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