Fresh Raspberry Gratins

This recipe, from Back to Basics, wasn’t really all that basic. I mean, there aren’t a ton of ingredients, and none of them are hard to find, and it really doesn’t take that long, but it’s something that requires careful timing and near-constant vigilance.

The end result was a little bit like creme brulee, but less creamy, and more boozy. My husband loved it, but I didn’t really care for the marsala flavor in a dessert.

I forgot to whisk in the vanilla extract when the egg/sugar/marsala mixture was still in the pot, so I drizzled vanilla paste on each individual dish instead. Here they are before going under the broiler:


And after:



Here, I think only fresh berries would do, and I wouldn’t even try to substitute frozen berries. We still had raspberries in the fridge from (you guessed it!) the crepe party.

Completed/Remaining: 459/227


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