New cookbook!

I’ve been seeing hints here and there that there will be another Barefoot Contessa cookbook published, and I think she’s under contract for at least one more, but I hadn’t given it much thought until I searched for “Barefoot Contessa new cookbook 2014.” I found this (see the 1/19/14 entry), and this (which was circulating as early as last summer!). How have I been out of this loop?

What do you think it will be called? She seems to have used up all of the easy-breezy “you can do it!” titles – “How Easy is That?” and “Foolproof” and “Back to Basics.” And what else can she possibly have to add? I was skeptical when Foolproof came out about a year and a half ago, but you may have noticed that some of those recipes have turned out to be my favorites, so I  don’t doubt that she still has some good ones tucked away.

Do I even try to whittle down my shrinking list of 225 remaining recipes before she publishes the new one? That might be a bit ambitious, but maybe I could get down to 100 remaining. And the real question: will I get to see her on tour this time? What would I say to her??



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3 responses to “New cookbook!

  1. Oh wow! Thanks! This is great info. Make Ahead … hmmmm. I think I’ll like it! I wonder if she’ll finally embrace the slow cooker?

  2. I just checked – it doesn’t seem to appear on the US amazon site – only Canada’s. Weird!

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