Savory Palmiers and Savory Coeur a la Creme

If last week was French desserts week, this week has had a savory appetizer theme.

I’ve made the sweet equivalent of both of these, so I knew the method was easy enough, with tasty and attractive results. I love the ingenuity of making savory palmiers (from Back to Basics) – another use for puff pastry! They smell like fresh, hot pizza, and taste amazing. I used Boursin cheese instead of goat cheese, and just mashed it together with the pesto and sundried tomatoes before spreading it on the puff pastry.


The savory coeur a la creme (from How Easy is That?) was equally easy, and I even found some Indian mango chutney and wheat crackers at Trader Joe’s. I think of it as a fancied up version of that classic Southern appetizer involving cream cheese and pepper jelly.


The cheese spreader was inherited from our dear friend David. Yes, that’s a nun, and yes, it says “Sister Mary Martini.” I smile and think of David whenever I see that spreader in the drawer – he had a deliciously wicked sense of humor, which sometimes surprised people, given the fact that he was an elderly, British-sounding priest. He loved a party, so he would have loved all these new nibbles that we’re trying out with guests.

Completed/Remaining: 471/215


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