Juuuuulia Child

It’s going to be a busy week chez Curessa (at the Curiosity? the Curectory?) – where we’re passing like ships in the night. Between a couple of rescheduled piano lessons, a church newcomers’ dinner, Wednesday night church, and swim lessons, we’ll be putting more miles on our snow tires than at our stove this week.

But even though I don’t have any dinner trials and tribulations to report,  I don’t want to neglect to honor an important day in history today! According to the facebook page for PBS Food: “On this day in 1963, Julia Child’s The French Chef, a WGBH production, premiered on television. One of the first cooking shows, The French Chef introduced complex French recipes and techniques to American homes.” You can read more about Julia here, on the PBS page devoted to her. I have a batch of chocolate truffles chilling in the fridge, waiting to be rolled out in her honor – I’ll be sure to share the results here later.


I’ll confess that I haven’t watched very many Julia Child episodes, but I’ve loved the ones that I’ve seen. I will also confess that I had a slight FoodTV addiction as a newlywed more than ten years ago. Coming home from practicing domestic relations work in my first few years of practice out of law school, and knowing that my husband had an equally taxing job, we wanted something simple and soothing to fill our evenings. This was long before Thomas the Tank Engine or World’s Toughest Fixes occupied our screen, and we were free to watch whatever we want. That was when I fell in love with the calm presence of Sara Moulton, the nerdy awesomeness of Alton Brown, the clean and inviting kitchen of Giada deLaurentis, and of course our beloved Barefoot Contessa. I’ve even been known to take in a few Martha Stewart Living episodes every once in a while, if I’m feeling like a glutton for punishment. Julia Child was a trailblazer for all of these now-famous chefs, and she made food fun and entertaining on television.


Now, we are cable-less. We went “off the grid” several years, kind of by accident, and we haven’t missed cable programming nearly as much as we thought we would. Imagine my delight in finding America’s Test Kitchen (another PBS favorite, produced by the same people behind Cook’s Illustrated magazine) on Amazon Prime (streaming video). I can watch their quirky repartee and precise technique whenever I want … or at least whenever I regain control of the television remote.

What’s your favorite form of food entertainment? Benihana theatrics? Hot dog eating contests? Diners, Drive-ins and Dives? The Iron Chef? Or something else entirely?


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  1. Rachel

    I love Sara Moulton! She taught me how to make foolproof mashed potatoes.

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