Giving up my independence was nice for exactly 5 minutes, but there’s nothing like losing the use of your dominant arm to make a person restless.

But … my husband has been a caring nurse, and our kids have been rockstars, especially when Neil left for church this morning. My 6-year-old and I even made a double decker couch (insider LEGO movie joke) to watch a movie this afternoon.

double decker


That’s Emmet, star of the LEGO movie, in the foreground, and my pitiful wrapped-up arm in the background, and our darling 6-year-old in-between. We watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which had me dreaming up Ina’s homemade marshmallows and fleur de sel caramels, that is, as soon as I’m no longer terrified of hot liquids.

In the meantime, my best nurse has been Tippet, our “first child” and black lab mix. She is the very best medicine.



And just for good measure, the 2.5-year-old, whose sweet specialty is silly faces:





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3 responses to “Convalescence

  1. Rachel

    ‘Everything Is Awesome!’

  2. Everything is awesome … when there are enough Girl Scout cookies!


    It sounds like you are in very good little hands and paws!! I truly hope it gets a lot better soon. I wonder if Ina know about your blog. Maybe if she did she would send you a care package!!?

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