Thai-Style Pork Stew

After a snowy commute into downtown Minneapolis yesterday morning, I had an appointment at the Hennepin County Medical Center’s burn unit. While they are lovely people there who are experts in their field, I recommend doing everything in your power to not need to meet them. Because: ouch.

I learned some important things there today, though. First, my husband likely saved me from surgery by getting me to cold water right away. Way to go, Nurse Neil! Also, I should be eating a lot of protein to help the healing process. This was mentioned to me more than once by the staff there – they seem to take their protein seriously.

I’m still not up for cooking much of anything – I injured my dominant (right) hand/arm, and I’m not even allowed to do the dishes. I just so happened to have some Thai-style pork stew in the freezer, though, which is full of protein. I mentioned it here, but didn’t really elaborate much at the time. We first had it at some friends’ house in Williamsburg. It might sound like an odd combination (pork roast, peanut butter, garlic, and scallions?), but it’s actually really good, and we’ve been making it ever since.

We serve it over brown rice or pasta, but paleo types could easily pair it with a sweet potato, or chill it to use as a filling for lettuce wraps. The recipe is here. The frozen leftovers were just what we needed to help tide us over until my parents arrive tomorrow. Tomorrow can’t get here soon enough – the kids might try to stage a mutiny between now and then, and I’m definitely at a disadvantage these days. Protein power!


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