Family photos!

Guess what? I found out that I have a superpower! Skin regeneration! I have healed really quickly from my kitchen burn a few weeks ago, and I’m looking forward to getting back into the kitchen and blogging about food again. Thanks to everyone who expressed concern during the healing process. It was kind of rough, but the experts at the burn clinic were really pleased with my progress, and it looks better every day. My parents were here during the past week to help us out, and they deserve a medal for visiting us during the worst winter ever. It’s so cold!

While we’re waiting for the snow to melt, our family photos came back from the photographer. We loved our time in the studio with Barrett Loving Photography – she was fun and patient, and got some great shots. These were taken just hours before the ill-fated chicken stock was made, and I am so happy with how they turned out. Our parents gave us the studio time as a Christmas gift, as we really hadn’t had family photos taken since our youngest son was born almost 3 (!!!) years ago. These are some of my favorites.

IMG_4290-3093856269-O IMG_4303-3093864956-O IMG_4324-3093877016-O IMG_4326-3093880036-O IMG_4353-Edit-3093903882-O IMG_4416-Edit-3093932607-O IMG_4469-3093973998-O IMG_4557-Edit-Edit-3095390008-OIMG_4604-3095402871-O


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