Do All The Things!

It has finally happened! The temperatures have started to climb out of the “OMG, people live in that?” range and into the temperatures that people in the rest of the country still find unbearable, but feel relatively warm after the winter we’ve had. We’ve had several long months of bundling up between the house and the car, and then the car to church, and back again. Running simple errands has seemed like a burden. So, now that the temperatures are getting to be a little bit more in the normal range, we’re out in full force.


Source: hyperbole and a half, one of my all-time favorite blogs

So, this week, when I had an appointment for our youngest son to participate in an early learning experiment at the University of Minnesota, instead of rushing home to get out of the cold, we took the opportunity to stay out and do a little exploring. (The UofM has an early learning lab, where grad students set up experiments to test their hypotheses about how children learn. We had the opportunity to list our children in their database when the kids were born, and so the lab always has a list of parents to call when they need children of a specific age for their experiments. This one was about early language learning, and Ben had a blast. I always think it’s interesting, too. Plus, it’s kind of cool that our kids get to be a part of a bigger scientific study and contribute in that way.)

The UofM is situated very close to some neighborhoods in Northeast Minneapolis that I’m just now getting to explore, even though we’ve lived here for almost seven years. We ended up in the same neck of the woods as Surdyk’s, which I mentioned way back in the crepe party post. About a block away, there’s a legendary deli called Kramarczuk’s, which was founded by a couple from Ukraine in the 1950s. I had heard of Kramarczuk’s so many times that I was beginning to get embarrassed that we’d never set foot in the place. They even have two carts at Target Field, as a part of the Minnesota Twins’ initiative to support local businesses. Being so close to the University, but also situated in a historically ethnic part of town, it’s the kind of place where you might find a couple of hipster grad students, a bearded professor, and old men with kind eyes who smile at your kids and pat them on the head. It’s part-eclectic, part-homey, all delicious.

IMG_6799 IMG_6800 IMG_6801 IMG_6802

It’s hard to describe how much sausage was in the display cases, but it would have taken me a while just to read all of the labels. We walked through the shop part to get into the deli, which is a cafeteria-style restaurant. Overwhelmed by the choices (I am the WORST at deciding in a cafeteria line), I ended up ordering pierogies with a horseradish sour cream sauce, and playing it safe with buttered noodles for Ben. I can’t wait to go back to try more. On our way out, I bought a napoleon to bring home to my husband, in hopes of enticing him back to northeast Minneapolis for lunch.

In other news, our dog, Tippet was completely jealous of all of the sausage we got to see and smell on our adventure. She even mentioned it in her new Twitter feed. You can follow her at @TippetUnleashed. She’s ever so slightly sassy.


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