Crispy English Potatoes

This recipe (from Foolproof) takes a few extra steps and dirties a few more dishes than your average roasted potato recipe, but the results are well worth the extra effort.


I had originally planned to serve them with salmon, but the salmon didn’t really turn out. Not ones to gamble with fishy-looking fish, we pitched the salmon, and just ate the potatoes with some steamed broccoli. We were not disappointed.

Edited to add:

A word on salt. Ina loves salt. This recipe called for salting the potatoes while boiling them, again before roasting them, and then a third time when they come out of the oven. All of that salt is in addition to pancetta, which is salt in meat form. Personally, I like things a lot less salty, so this just illustrates the need to taste as you go. We used a fraction of the salt listed in the recipe, and we were still chugging water all evening.

Completed/Remaining: 479/207



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2 responses to “Crispy English Potatoes


    Carrie: I am SO GLAD to see that someone else who is a Barefoot Contessa fan has sheet pans that look like this. I am not sure how Ina keeps hers so pristine, but I am guessing she just keeps buying new ones. It is TV, after all, not to mention The Hamptons…
    Other than perhaps SANDBLASTING I am really flummoxed as to how to get or keep mine clean. I do not like the nonstick ones, and I have no luck with silpats because they end up forever smelling like the roasted veggies, etc. I do buy my sheet pans from an online restaurant supply place so they are a little more durable and cheaper. I LOOOVE roasting things, so I suppose it is just a necessary evil. If you have any ideas… I have tried soaking forever, oven cleaner, steel wool, vinegar.. Just.. All kinds of things.

  2. Liz, I’ve heard some people put them in the oven when the oven is in self-cleaning mode, but I haven’t tried that yet. I also dislike the nonstick ones, and end up buying new ones every few years. I wonder if Ina has minions to scrub hers clean, but I bet you’re right – they probably buy new ones for TV.

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