Osso Buco

This recipe (from Foolproof) has been calling out to me all winter. I had a little bit of indecision about it, though: should I make it for guests, because it’s kind of fancy, or try it out for just the two of us first? And where on earth should I find veal shanks? Apparently, they’re not super common in Minnesota. Maybe it’s the predominance of Scandanavians over Italians, but I had to call around to three different butchers and supermarkets before locating some frozen veal shanks – there were none available in fresh form. I finally tracked some down, thawed them overnight in cold water in the refrigerator, and the rest of the recipe was really easy. The whole house smelled like thyme and white wine, and the end result was amazing.


The portion size was a bit obscene. The recipe says that 8 shanks will serve 6 people. I scaled back the recipe to just 2 shanks (one per person), but left the liquid and aromatic quantities the same. We had more than enough – the bowls shown here were barely half-finished when we had to call it quits. It’s not that it wasn’t delicious – just really filling.

Now that I’ve made it once, I would definitely make it for guests. It certainly fills the “special occasion” menu, and it would be really easy to make a few hours before guests arrive, leaving plenty of time to throw together a salad and clean up.

We served it with egg noodles to soak up all the brothy goodness.

Completed/Remaining: 488/198



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3 responses to “Osso Buco

  1. Liz Chapin

    Carrie Please do not be mad but when you got burned I wrote to Ina on Feb 17th and told her of your predicament. I thought it might cheer you up but I never ever expected to hear back from her. NOT A JOKE! I got an email from her this morning Her assistant asked for your contact info and I fwded the email to IPLAWGUY Tom so that he could get it… I told her your wrong last name…

    Tom Brooke has the details. :):):):):) TINGS ARE LOOKING UP!
    BUT No more looking up when you are carrying soup!

    Dear Liz,
    How kind of you to take the time and write to Ina to let her know about Carrie. Ina would love to write to Carrie, but we can’t seem to find any direct contact information on her website. Would you have Carrie’s e-mail or mailing address?

    My best,
    Barbara Libath
    Assistant to Ina Garten

    Ina there is a person who has a blog about you. She got injured and could use her spirits lifted.
    Her name is XXXXXXXX and she lives near Edina, Minnesota. She used to be a lawyer and now she is a stay home mom and her husband is a minister of the Episcopalian church.

    She has a blog and has for a while called The Contessa Curessa project. She makes a lot of Ina recipes, however the other day she was making Ina’s chicken stock and while carrying it she tripped over something and it spilled all over her. She was fairly badly burned and she is recovering now, but she could maybe use some cheering up. I was just wondering if you could check out her blog, or send her a note or do. She’s a wonderful person, writer, mother and home cook, and quite an Ina devotee.

    Thank you,

    Liz Burrows Chapin

    • Thank you so much, Liz! I just tried to respond to your aol address, but it bounced back. You are so kind to think of me and send that note to Ina’s crew! They can reach me at carrie (dot) willard (at) gmail (dot) com. Thank you so much!!!

      • tydwbleach

        Ok so i never saw what happened next. I cannot find a comment. Whatever happened with it? My email address is legit but if you want you could private message me on Facebook. Elizabeth Burrows Chapin. All I want to know is what she did next?

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