Straw and Hay With(out) Gorgonzola

I’m getting to the point where I’m getting fast and loose with substitutions. There are a lot of blue cheese and goat cheese recipes left on The List, and I’m hoping to finish this project before my taste buds for those things grow in. I have tried to like them so many times, and they’re just not my thing. My husband likes some blue cheese, but only when it’s been pureed within an inch of its life into a salad dressing, and not when there are any discernable chunks. Some recipes can be (and have been) outsourced, some made for guests or given to friends who win the Good Sportsmanship Award for trying things that even I won’t eat, and then some things just need to be tweaked. I decided that this pasta dish (from Foolproof) looked too yummy to pass up, and it isn’t the type of thing that can be made in advance and transported. So, a substitution!



Boursin cheese is basically just an herbed cream cheese. It’s delicious, and mild, and kind of the same texture as other part-creamy, part-crumbly cheeses like gorgonzola. It worked. Oh, did it work.



Great heavenly days. This was amazing. It was a tiny bit like a pasta carbonara, but without the eggs (and therefore, without the trickiness of trying to keep it from curdling into scrambled eggs while cooking it). It was simply wonderful.

I don’t know if the best part about this recipe was the food itself, or the fact that I ate it in blissful silence while my kids played outside. The temperatures are finally warming up to send them out on to our screen porch, which is exactly where they wanted to be when it was time to eat dinner. Instead of fighting with them about coming inside, I left them there, and fed them later. Our clocks are all a little bit off from daylight savings time, and I don’t have a ton of guilt about feeding them two heavy snacks instead of a meal if that’s what they’re willing to eat. For kids who eat their weight in yogurt and fruit every week, I guess I can’t complain. They eat after school, and then again after their bath and before bed. Our 6-year-old grew 3.75 inches last year, so apparently he’s getting enough to eat. He’s shown here with his gazillionth apple of the day. The other photo shows our almost-3-year-old with his buffet of carbs and some yogurt.

IMG_1848 IMG_1838


But back to the pasta – it was groan-out-loud good. I imagine that if you were a gorgonzola-eating type of person, you’d love it even more with gorgonzola. The recipe says that it serves 3-4, but I would say it serves more like 6, generously. Neil called it one of his top ten favorites, but he’s feeling magnanimous lately, so I think his “top ten” is packed with more than ten recipes at the moment.

Completed/Remaining: 490/196


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