Roasted Sausages and Grapes

This recipe (from Foolproof) might seem a little bit odd, but it’s oddly delicious. I halved the recipe, which provided more than enough food for 6 servings. The most time-consuming part was waiting for the oven to heat up to 500 degrees. And! Oh! We got to open up our sliding glass door to the deck to air out the kitchen a bit when the oven heated up the whole house. There are still several inches (maybe feet?) of nasty old snow out there, but it warmed up enough this week for the kids to ride their scooters in the driveway, wearing only fleece jackets, and for us to open up the windows occasionally. BLISS. So, even though it hasn’t really been warm enough to drag out the grill (at least not for grill wimps like we are), we’re squeezing in a few more quintessential wintery recipes as we get ready to greet the spring.

IMG_1862 IMG_1863


Don’t skimp on the balsamic vinegar – that’s the best part of the whole recipe. You might notice that I got a new roasting pan – it was necessary before Thanksgiving, because I had a nonstick version (bleh) that got kind of scratched up by its own roasting rack. I bought the heaviest one I could find at HomeGoods (TJ Maxx), and it has been awesome. It’s made by Cuisinart.

The recipe suggests serving the sausage and grapes with truffled mashed potatoes or polenta. The truffled mashed potatoes seemed way too rich for this, so we went with polenta, which was great. It took a long time to cook because I use old-fashioned grits, but that’s OK because the oven really did take forever to heat up. This recipe was elegant enough for guests, but not at all expensive or fussy. Earthy, but elevated. We loved it. I bought the sausage at our local butcher, and while we were there, our two-year-old was admiring the hot dogs in the display case. The butcher extracted a promise out of me that we’d try them the next time we came in – the recipe is over 150 years old, and they really did look like the real deal. Ben is going to love food shopping as much as his Mommy does.

Completed/Remaining: 498/188


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    New roasting pan is awesome!!! I need a new one too!! Same exact reason..

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