German Chocolate Cupcakes + Jam Thumbprints

I have a confession.

Remember the yogurt and granola? I ate it. My visit to see the new baby was postponed, and the granola was just sitting there on the counter, and the yogurt and fruit were bound to go bad … so I ate it. And it was delicious. The coconut, toasted with the rest of the granola, was amazing. And I don’t even like coconut!

So, I had to make some other treats for the family with the new baby. (The new baby, by the way, is the CUTEST, most darling, sweetest little lump of joy.)


Jam Thumbprint Cookies (from Family Style)



These came from the same devilish shortbread that I tried recently. It’s terribly hard to work with, and my advice would be to save yourself some trouble and just throw some flour, sugar, and butter directly into the garbage can. Ugh. But I persisted enough to make these little thumbprint cookies.

Much easier were the German Chocolate Cupcakes (from Foolproof):



I made sure that the family that received these was OK with coconut (they are, they promised me), and the mom got very excited to see cupcakes, which are apparently her toddler’s favorite thing, ever. Some cookies, some cupcakes, two bags of hand-me-downs, a couple of new books, and some outgrown toys all made it to this lovely little family, and I got some amazing baby cuddles in return. I think I came out ahead on this one.

Completed/Remaining: 504/182


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