Lime Curd + Lime Curd Tart

The recipe for Lime Curd appears both in the Barefoot Contessa Cookbook, and in Parties! In the original Barefoot Contessa, it’s poured into a [censored] shortbread crust. And you thought I was all done complaining about shortbread!



After all of the late unpleasantness surrounding shortbread, I watched it very, very carefully, and pulled it out of the oven after about 1/3 of the recommended baking time. If I made this again, I would make it with a (*gasp*) graham cracker crust.

The lime curd itself is very, very, very lime-y. Despite its Shrek-like appearance, it was really quite good. Like any Contessa custard, it took 3-4 times as long to cook as the recommended time in the recipe, so I had a lot of time juggling to do to make all this happen. Still, it was devoured pretty quickly, and would make a great addition to an Easter brunch dessert table, or a fun St. Patrick’s Day dessert.

Completed/Remaining: 508/178


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