Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

Spring has not sprung in Minnesota. As is pretty typical for this part of the country, there is still plenty of snow on the ground for the spring equinox, and even though we’re a couple of weeks into Daylight Saving Time, we have still had plenty of days where the temperatures don’t climb above freezing.

Still, we’re trying to force a little spring spirit into the kitchen, in the same way that my mom forced flower bulbs inside for her Easter table.

These chocolate-dipped strawberries (from Back to Basics), while messy, were a delicious first taste of what spring might taste like, when it finally arrives in Minnesota. If you’re not having guests dip their own strawberries, I have to recommend a generous sheet of waxed paper to catch the drips while you work.



And I have to say, as much as fondue made a comeback about a decade ago, I like the idea of a tidier, pre-dipped version of these. When we were married just over a decade ago, chocolate fountains were the latest thing at wedding receptions. Who wouldn’t love a free-flowing fountain of chocolate? We went to a wedding vendor fair when we were engaged, and they had a chocolate fountain on display. Of course, I tried it, and promptly made a huge mess of myself. Neil tried to clean me up, but the cleaning-up got to be more embarrassing than the actual chocolate on my face (no, a little more riiight there, no, you missed it, almost got it), which horrified me and I ended up excusing myself to the ladies’ room after just one nibble of chocolate, so I could shower myself off with the glacial dribble of the hotel restroom sink. I could only imagine what a wedding dress would look like after that kind of show, so we nixed the idea of any kind of food fountain at our wedding, right then and there.


Completed/Remaining: 509/177


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    I completely agree. While ganache is nice, it is less than ideal unless you want drippy strawberries… I also prefer the ones with solid chocolate.

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