Spanish Pea Soup with Crispy Ham

You might recall that the last time I made pea soup, I waited until my husband was safely out of town and foisted it on my parents. I don’t think he was too enthused about this version, but I plied him with promises of crispy prosciutto.

This might be the easiest soup I’ve ever made, barring of course the cans of Campbell’s soup from the microwave that I ate almost every day of the first trimester of my first pregnancy. (How I didn’t end up with preeclampsia and/or a stroke, I’ll never know.) This soup (from Foolproof) is, of course, much healthier, and the bright green color is very spring-like. The springy-ness can be faked with frozen peas, which makes it perfect for those of us who forgot what color our lawn is. It only looks a little bit like baby food, and that image quickly disappears as soon as you float some prosciutto on top. Speaking of baby food, though, this is what babies should be eating. When my kids were in the baby food stage, there were all kinds of weird purees coming on the market – broccoli and mango, parsnip and blueberry. When else, in their actual life, will children ever experience those combinations? Maybe when they’re carsick? If I were feeding a baby in a high chair right now, which I’m not, I would give them something like this, with a little garlic, onions, and chicken stock instead. It’s so much more civilized.


This would make a fun first course for a St. Patrick’s Day dinner, or a starter for an Easter dinner. Whether you’re pureeing food for a baby or making other soups like this one, I highly recommend an immersion blender. I have already sung its praises (as well as the praises of one of our favorite cousins who gave it to us) here, in the post about the ill-fated orange marmalade. Also, I would change one thing about the recipe, which is the method for roasting the prosciutto. On an untreated (ungreased) sheet pan, the thin slices of prosciutto tend to stick, possibly ruining your sheet pan, or even worse, wasting some valuable prosciutto. I would at least spray it with some nonstick spray, but also maybe use some foil on the pan as well.

Completed/Remaining: 510/176


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