I goofed… again!

So, remember when I thought I had mis-tallied my total number of recipes completed?

As it turns out, my mouse just got a little trigger-happy when I was hyperlinking a recipe in the index, and I hyperlinked a whole damn section.



So, we’re back to 506 completed, and 180 remaining. I knew it was too good to be true! But I’m still happy that I’m over 500 recipes in, because it sounds so impressive. While checking out at the grocery store, when the friendly chatty bagger lady says, “What are you going to do with all this feta?” I can reply, “Why, I’m making all of the Barefoot Contessa recipes. I’ve completed over 500 of them.” It sounds so much more impressive then, “I’m going to shove it all in my gaping maw, what’s it to you?”

(The chatty friendly baggers are always at Whole Foods, and I love them for it. Trader Joe’s employees tend to be a little bit more high (not in a bad way), Costco’s are more like ergonomic efficiency engineers, and the Lund’s/Byerly’s checkers are just a little crabby/complainy.)

A better person would keep track of all of this in an Excel spreadsheet, but even if I did that, I’d still have to account for human error, which tends to happen a lot. And now you’re no longer wondering how I mess up recipes and injure myself so often. I CAN’T EVEN COUNT.




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