Seared Tuna with Mango Chutney

I saved this recipe (from Barefoot Contessa at Home) for a night when I’d be flying solo with the kids. My husband isn’t the hugest fish eater, but I don’t love eating plain tortellini and strawberry yogurt, which is what the kids would eat every day if they had a choice. It’s easy enough to sear one tuna steak, and I found some great individually vacuum-sealed fish steaks in the freezer at Whole Foods, so this was easy enough to make for myself.

I bought a fresh mango, but when it still hadn’t ripened after over a week, I gave up hope. If I were a tropical fruit, I’m not sure I’d be ripening in Minnesota this week, either.


Fortunately, I had some mango chunks in the freezer. I like to keep some frozen fruit on hand for smoothies.

The mango salsa was really good, but the tuna steak was disappointingly bland.


I think that next time, I would marinate the tuna first – maybe in a teriyaki or soy marinade. I think Asian flavors would play really nicely with the tropical chutney.

Completed/Remaining: 508/178


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