Winter, April Edition

April (snow) showers are not that unusual in Minnesota. Last winter, while not as cold as this past winter, was excruciatingly long. We had more than one measurable snowfall in May. The winter that our second baby was born (2010-11) had record snowfalls, and when he was born in April, I remember bringing him home from the hospital to more snow. The difference between this past winter and those winters has been the severity of the cold temperatures. Even though we had snow on the ground for the past several months, it was rarely warm enough to go outside to play in it. So, when we had a big snowstorm this week, I practically dragged the kids outside to go sledding. The hill in our back yard is perfect for a 6-year-old and an almost-3-year-old. Not too steep to climb hundreds of times in a row, but steep enough to get some good speed going. Tippet the dog had so much fun chasing us and running around like a fool.


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Before you call Child Protective Services, we tried to put gloves or mittens on the little guy, but he won’t have it. It was (relatively) warm outside, so he was fine. I imagine this must be what winter feels like in Colorado. You get a big snowfall, and then the sun comes out and melts it all. Nice! Even nicer, the daylight saving time hours gave us time to play after dinner.

I even went down the hill a few times, and once, I went down backwards, hanging on to our 6-year-old’s sled trailing behind me, so we were facing each other. I may forget a lot of things about these years, but I hope I never, ever forget the look of pure joy on his face as we rode down together. I love, love, love our little family.


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