Cheese Puffs

These appetizers, from Barefoot in Paris, are the savory version of cream puffs or profiteroles. Just like the profiteroles, I made them too big. Unlike the profiteroles, I’m not sure I’d go through the trouble of making them again. They were better than cheese straws, but for that much trouble, I think I’d rather make a dessert out of pate a choux. And really, if I’m going to serve a starter, I’d just as soon make a really nice cheese platter with some fruit. If I were making a whole cocktail party’s worth of appetizers, I’d probably choose something simpler to make. As a starchy side, I’d rather make popovers.

For all of my criticism, though, these didn’t turn out badly. They were just kind of a lot of work for a little bit of goodness.



Completed/Remaining: 509/177


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