Roasted Shrimp Cocktail

I love shrimp. When I was growing up, it definitely signaled “special occasion.” There would be shrimp cocktail, and stilton, and maybe oysters on the half shell if we had a guest who would eat them with my dad. They still felt like a luxury when I moved to Williamsburg, Virginia, even though they seem to be a lot more commonplace there. So, when my law firm in Williamsburg bought us tickets to the Kiwanis’ Shrimp Feast, I accepted them gleefully. Shrimp! All you can eat! What could be better?

We were invited to an engagement party that night, and I think it started at 8 pm. It didn’t say anything about dinner or the menu on the invitation, and we didn’t know the hosts at all – we were there for the guests of honor. Imagine our surprise, as our shrimp-filled selves waddled up to the party, as we were greeted with shrimp appetizers, shrimp in the salad, and shrimp in the main course.



As much as I loved shrimp, it was a bit much, even for me.

It’s been a while since the Shrimp Binge of 2002, though, so we’ve recovered our senses a bit. I’ve never really loved cocktail sauce, though, preferring my shrimp plain. I wanted to try Ina’s (from Back to Basics), though, for the sake of experimentation, and I was really pleasantly surprised. I really liked it! Maybe I really am turning into my dad, because the horseradish in it was especially tasty.


In order to avoiding another shrimp gorge, we dipped just a few in cocktail sauce, and then I made the rest into a shrimp and orzo salad for dinner (and lunch for the next couple of days).

Completed/Remaining: 510/176


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