Updates and Introductions!

If you’re new here, welcome!

If you’re not new here, welcome back!

As you’ve probably figured out, this is a blog where I write about making Ina Garten’s recipes. She’s also known as the Barefoot Contessa. You can read more about why I chose to do this, and how the blog got its name here. I started this project back in 2009, and long-time readers know that even though I’ve completed over 500 recipes so far, I take long, long breaks sometimes, like when I had our son Ben in 2011, or when we moved last year. Actually, the Ben break was a really long sabbatical – I was sick for my pregnancy with him, and then he had colic. So, I really don’t remember a lot from about July 2010 through sometime in August 2011. Isn’t that awful? He was so worth it, though, and now he’s actually quite a delightful little person.

I don’t have a baby to blame this time – that factory has closed, and the workers have been laid off. But with our upcoming move and listing our house, I can’t imagine I’m going to be dirtying up the kitchen with anything but peanut butter sandwiches and cereal for the next couple of weeks. Yikes.

Long-time readers have also figured out that sometimes my posts have very little (or nothing) to do with food. If you’re interested in that type of thing, check these out:

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Family photos

On grazing during major holidays

On kids in church

On friendship

A Holy Crepe! Party

On Rowan’s sixth birthday (look for Ben’s 3rd birthday in a few days!)

On tooling around town with Ben

Family sledding … in April

Check back in the next couple of weeks as we celebrate Ben’s birthday, Easter, Mother’s Day, and tons of Minnesota fun in the weeks that we have left here.



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