We are here!

It feels like a year ago that I made those barbecued ribs in my last post, and then it feels like it was just yesterday. We’ve packed a lot into the last couple of weeks!

During the last week in May, we had wonderful movers come and pack our belongings, and then load them onto a huge truck. We “camped out” in our house for the weekend, and then started off for Texas on Monday, June 2. Our oldest son, Rowan, had an end-of-year kindergarten program that morning, which we didn’t want to miss. I’m so glad we stayed – it was worth it for the darling program, and also for the emotional goodbyes to his wonderful teachers. We loved his school, and so it was hard to say goodbye.

Then, we packed up and moved out! The house in Minnesota is under contract, but won’t close until July, and it was a little bit hard to leave without much closure on that end, but we know it’s in good hands with our realtors. On the first night, we stayed in Des Moines, and we made it to Tulsa on Tuesday night. By that Wednesday evening, we were in our new home! The truck showed up with all of our stuff on Thursday, and we’ve been busy unpacking ever since then. The drive was a breeze. We drove two cars, and each took one kid. I don’t think we were anticipating major problems, but it was still so much easier than any of us could have imagined. I think the kids are really good at seeing this for what it is: a great new adventure!


(Apparently, it’s not just the stars at night that are big and bright here – it was so sunny that the kids wouldn’t look at me for a photo op! Instead, you can see some of their “dance” moves here, and if you look really closely, you can see Tippet’s reflection.)

We have received so much kindness on both ends of our move – the goodbyes in Minnesota as well as the welcomes in Texas. We have been overwhelmed by the love that has been shown to our family, and we’re so grateful for the places we’ve been and the new places we get to explore together. (And speaking of places to explore, holy guacamoley, the grocery stores here are incredible. I have heard about them forever, and I have not been disappointed!)

The only glitch in all of the moving so far has been that each of us has been sick in some form over the past couple of weeks. Ben had an ear infection on the day that the truck was packed up, and the rest of us have had one bug or another. No fun! But nothing serious, either. And so, the first “real” meal I made in the new kitchen was chicken noodle soup. It hit the spot. We’ve been on the receiving end of some pretty fabulous meals, too, including this bread from my friend Kelly:



Isn’t it gorgeous? It tasted just as good as it looked.

We are living in the rectory (house owned by the church for the benefit of a clergyperson and his or her family), in the West U neighborhood. It is a great house, and we have really enjoyed settling in here. If you’re anything like me, you like looking at photos of kitchens. So, here’s our kitchen!

photo 1-1 photo 2-1 photo 3

There are more storage areas than what you see here, but this gives you the general feel for it. In the first few photos, the family room/den is behind me, and the dining room is off to the left. It’s a great setup.

If you’re facing the sink in the island, here’s the view out to the back yard:

photo 4


We’re down to the last few boxes, and my parents are coming next week to help out. What will I make them first? Something from The List, maybe?




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