Chilled Cucumber Soup with Shrimp

I cooked! Well, I blended.

The stove is out of commission for a few weeks while they order a part. Not my fault, I promise! And I’m also not complaining, because we are smack dab in the middle of dozens of really great, really affordable restaurants. But, I was missing my time in the kitchen and feeling like I was falling behind here, so I mixed up the chilled cucumber soup in Back to Basics. It was basically like tzatziki sauce, but in soup form, and it was goooood. There was no cooking – just chopping, processing in the food processor, and chilling. My parents are visiting, and they loved it, too. I omitted the red onion, because there were already scallions in it, and raw red onion is like that punk kid in the back of your high school geometry class that just makes trouble for everyone. No amount of remedial math, or fresh dill, in this case, will make up for his prickly attitude.

There are pictures of this refreshing creation, but they are currently trapped on my camera’s memory card. I momentarily lost the memory card, have since found it again, but can’t for the life of me find the memory card reader that lets the pretty pretty photos swim from the memory card to this page. Of all of the maddening things about moving, losing things has got to be the worst. I don’t think we’ve misplaced anything expensive or irreplaceable, but it’s the annoying little things that you know have to be around here somewhere, and they’ll show up as soon as you buy a replacement. Gah.

As soon as I get those photos, I promise to post them. Suffice it to say that the soup was easy, tasty, and very popular on a hot summer day in Texas. I would definitely make it again as a first course or for lunch.

And because I don’t have those photos, maybe you’d like to see some other photos of our recent adventures in Houston?

We got to go out to dinner at a great place called Sorrel, courtesy of a generous gift card from friends, and babysitting from my parents. I had the scallops (pictured here). They were fantastic, but the peach and fig bread pudding was divine.


Everybody has been raving about Spec’s, the local liquor store, and telling us how we just *have* to check it out. The downtown location is practically famous, but we haven’t made it there yet. Instead, we went to our local outpost, and look! There was roast duck, in with the rotisserie chickens! For $13.99!


And enough maraschino cherries to last a lifetime!



This is just a small sampling of the food finds we’ve encountered so far. We’ve had great experiences at family-friendly restaurants and a few fancier places. The grocery stores still impress me every time. I’m lucky that our 3-year-old likes grocery shopping just as much as I do – maybe more! – and he’s been a great little companion on our little field trips to Central Market, HEB, and everywhere else. It’s a good thing that the move has gone so smoothly, relatively speaking, minus the memory card mystery, and that we’ve had such a great time exploring the food and restaurant scene here. Because we’re girding our loins for a trip (or more than one trip? who can tell?) to the Texas DMV this week. I had put on my blinders and wasn’t dreading it *that* much until I actually looked at the requirements online tonight. I guess we’re staying here for a while, because after we go through all of that, I don’t think I’ll give up my Texas driver’s license for another couple hundred years.

Completed/Remaining: 519/167






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