Peach Raspberry Shortcakes

How have I missed this delightful recipe? I think that peach and berry season is so short, with so many possibilities, that I simply didn’t have the time to get all of the fresh fruit recipes completed in summers past. This recipe is from Parties!, and it borrows from other crisp and shortcake recipes to make a really nice combination.

The stove is still out of order, but the ovens are happily plugging along. It may seem like insanity to bake in the heat of a Houston summer, but thankfully this recipe just requires a short blast in the oven, and the rest is cold or room temperature. I got to roll out dough for the first time in this kitchen, and in the process, discovered some nifty fluorescent lights under the cabinets, which help light up the countertops. Happy day!

I made the shortcakes smaller than regulation size, which made for a nice little bite after dinner.


And if you aren’t completely charmed by fresh fruit and homemade whipped cream … well, then, I’m not sure I can help you.

Completed/Remaining: 520/166




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