Roasted Shrimp with Feta

I had shied away from this recipe (from How Easy is That?) for a long time because seafood + tomatoes + cheese just sounded like a hot mess to me. Plus, fennel.

I substituted a leek for the fennel, and omitted the Pernod altogether (but not before buying a bottle and discovering it smelled like anise – oops – does anyone want a bottle of Pernod?). But I kept everything else the same, and I was pleasantly surprised. I bought Texas gulf shrimp and served it over Texas rice, which I’m sure made the whole dish taste better. The tomatoes just added a little tang and sweetness, and much needed liquid without making the whole dish fishier. The feta was just perfect, especially when it melted just a little.

shrimp feta

The stove is still out of order, but I used the brown/saute setting on the slow cooker to saute the leeks and onion, and then simmer the tomatoes with them. I finished the whole thing off in the oven. I love the ovens, but I’m still getting used to using them, so I’m glad I caught this when it was browned just so. I used the rice cooker for the rice, which isn’t a part of the recipe, but I thought it would play well with the other ingredients, and it did. The whole thing was a great success, and the hardest part was peeling the shrimp. I’ll definitely make it again.


On a side note, do you know how many things, food and otherwise, are in the shape of Texas, or have the shape of Texas on their packaging? A LOT. My three-year-old is so excited every time we see it: “I see TEXAS, Mommy!” It’s so cute – I’ll try to catch him saying it on video. It’s like a preschooler’s version of Where’s Waldo, except that Waldo is virtually everywhere.


Completed/Remaining: 521/165




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2 responses to “Roasted Shrimp with Feta

  1. Sally Gulledge

    that looks amazing! And yes, Texas is very proud of anything Texas related…the shape, the flag, the lone star. Blue Ribbon Rice is a Texas favorite of ours. My grandfather was a rice farmer in east Texas that supplied Blue Ribbon. I like to think that it is still local, but who knows!

  2. Suzanne

    Some of us were lucky enough to be born here. Others were lucky enough to move here 🙂

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