Well, we officially closed on our house sale in Minnesota, which has us feeling a little bit more like real Texans, and relieved ones at that. We are so excited for the family who gets to live in our Minnesota house – I hope it is as wonderful for them as it was for us.

To celebrate, I fired up the grill again! I made Ina’s Barbecued Chicken, from the original Barefoot Contessa Cookbook. I did not make the sauce from scratch, but instead used some barbecue sauce that was given to us in a welcome care package. I only used chicken thighs instead of a whole chicken, reasoning that we wouldn’t eat that much of it, and that the thighs seem to be some of the hardest pieces of chicken to mess up on the grill. I lost some confidence midway through the cooking process, so with visions of salmonella dancing in my head, I transferred the whole batch to the oven to finish cooking.


They were delicious!

Completed/Remaining: 531/155





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3 responses to “Summer!

  1. Baker, Carolyn

    Congratulations on closing on the Minnesota house. I can see you smiling from here!


  2. Suzanne in Houston

    Congratulations on the salmonella-free (I hope!) chicken. I always prefer thighs; dark meat doesn’t dry out on the grill and is more moist & flavorful – even without the skin. More importantly, however, is the congratulations to you all on the sale of your lovely Minn. home. Each member of the Willard family blessed it with their presence, and all future owners will feel those blessings going forward.

  3. No salmonella! I’m a gal who loves a meat thermometer and isn’t afraid to use it!

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